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November 18, 2013
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PKMN Armonia App- Stacy Harris by Ally-Chan777 PKMN Armonia App- Stacy Harris by Ally-Chan777
Ok, so third character guys. I hope I can manage all these guys xD I really do love little Stacy here.

:bulletyellow:Name: Stacy Harris

:bulletyellow:Age: 18

:bulletyellow:Gender: Female

:bulletyellow:Pokémon: Sliggoo

:bulletyellow:Birthday: April 3rd

:bulletyellow:Height: 3'2

:bulletyellow:Weight: 45lbs

:bulletyellow:Nature: Timid

:bulletyellow:Ability: Sap Sipper

:bulletyellow:Hometown: Snowbelle City

:bulletyellow:Personality: Stacy is the kind of girl who is completely pleased with being ignored. She hates being the center of attention, and will actively try to pass off any attention she gets onto someone else. Stacy might also be described as cautious, as she does tend to think things through quite a bit before actually going to do it. This can make her seem a bit slow to others though. She is friendly however, and will enjoy a laugh or two with a good friend, but due to her quite and rather timid nature, friendship has not been a very easy thing for her to come by. She has a fondness for the more adventurous kind of students, opposites attract after all. Being a sliggoo means that her eyes are basically useless, she can just barely make out weird blobby shapes and colours, of course with her horns she has little to no problem 'seeing' her way. Stacy also bakes a lot, she spent most of her time at home preparing tasty little treats for her family.
 Stacy's parents met while at work. Her father was a professional photographer, and her mother a make-up artist, it was on the photo site of a new magazine that they met for the first time. Mostly, it was just her mother yelling at her dad about how the lighting cast the wrong shadows for her perfected make-up. But even with rocky beginnings, the two did somehow end up together, and after a few blissful years of happy marriage, they decided to start a family.
They had originally only planned to bring one little goomy into their home, but as luck would have it, they were blessed with twins. Taking care of the eggs was worth it when the first one hatched into a little girl, a happy shiny goomy. Her parents expected that because one egg was a shiny and they were twins, that they'd have two sparkling little babies. But Stanley hatched and he was normal colours, of course that didn't lessen the love he received from their parents. 
Stanley and Stacy were as close as any set of twins, they did everything together, from learning to properly crawl across the floor without leaving a goo-y gross mess, to talking for the first time. It was about when they were 5 that their parents starting up their own fashion magazine business, father providing the photo's, and outfits and their mother editing and making sure that their models were perfectly lighted. One day the twins were brought along, and that's the day they were first in a magazine. The twins had a gift for melting hearts with their cute faces and twin-ish charms. They'd wear opposite clothes, and pose for their parents camera. While Stanley took to being a model like a fish to water, Stacy didn't care for being poked and prodded and posed. When they evolved at around 14 Stacy finally spoke up and told her parents she didn't like being a model. Her mother and father were upset of course, but they respected their daughter's wishes, and stopped using the twins pictures. This is what caused the rift between Stanley and Stacy. All he wanted was to continue in the modelling business, he loved the lights and adoration of fans when they actually recognized him on the streets, and now he couldn't do it anymore. Without Stacy, his career was flopping. Stacy tried to keep him close, they were twins after all, but their relationship started falling apart as they gained different interests. Stacy started to really throw herself into baking, easily spending hours in the kitchen preparing tasty desserts. While Stanley tried to find different places to hire him as a model. As they reached 17 together, Stanley decided to move away to their aunt's, she had offered him a job in an up-coming project of her own, and he was not about to say no. It was when he got there that he evolved again, and for the first time in his life, wasn't anything like his sister. With this new rift between them, they slowly started to repair the damage in their relationship. But Stacy knew she couldn't stay home while her brother reached his dreams, she had to go and do something with hers. The only problem was that she wasn't quite sure what her dreams were.
It was her mother who found the Armonia Institute, and told Stacy about it. A school far away with plenty of teachers, and classes for her to learn it. After writing about it to her brother and hearing that he thought it was a good idea, Stacy decided to try, and sent off an application for the school.

:bulletyellow:Summary characteristic: Often lost in Thought

:bulletyellow:Hobbies: Baking, going for walks(are they still called walks when you don't have feet?), collecting buttons, trying to figure out what kind of pokemon someone is without asking them.

:bulletyellow:Level: 25

:bulletyellow:Favourite Moves:

:bulletwhite: Protect
:bulletblue: Raindance
:bulletblue: Muddy Water
:bulletblue: Bubble

:bulletyellow:Favorite berry flavor: Spicy

:bulletyellow:House: Amity

:bulletyellow:School Schedule:

Mandatory :   History, Battle, Math (II), Writing, Science,
Electives:  Hoticulture, Music, Contest

:bulletyellow:Extras/Fun Facts

-Stacy did want to evolve and get her eyesight back, until she saw how happy her brother was that they were actually completly different. She figures that in a few years he'll get over it and she'll be able to evolve with a happy conscience.

- Even though she can see where she's going using her horns, Stacy cannot read, she relies on hearing questions out loud in order to answer them on paper.

-To get around the previous problem, she takes pictures of any written questions and sends them to her brother, who will then call her and read them off for her.

- Stacy loves the rain, but because she's worried about evolving she now stays inside when it rains.

- When Stacy was a goomy she loved reading

- Stacy doesn't dance. Ever.

- She does however really enjoy listening to music

- Stacy is still very introverted, but does in fact have a few friends now, and she is very excited about this fact
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Berrysaur Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
STACY BABY AAHHH <33 Her colors are precious omg ;; w ;; when her and Calista get in they must meet!!
>w< Yes! Maybe they'll even be in the same house :D 
Berrysaur Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahh hopefully!! > w < I've been trying to guess which house Calista will be in xD

I MEAN. What do you think? :3
Berrysaur Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
HAHAHAHA always tesla

Hmm...I was hoping for Selva or Fable, just because those are the two houses I haven't been in yet xD
xD What would you do dear?

I suppose you've seen by now, but Stacy got into Amity ^^
Berrysaur Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
probably cry laughing xD I have no idea what house she's in yet, so she might actually be tesla LMAO

ah yeah I did see > w < she got the same house as Belial hahah xD
Well, can't wait to find out xD

OH GEEZ. >: That'd be interesting.
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awww look at this cutie pie gj :3
>w< Eeee~ Thank you!
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